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What are your options?

The process of solving problems or making decisions is quite reliant on our ability to weigh options. I totally detest it when I go shopping for fruits and only find two bunches of banana’s on the shelf. If one is unlucky, they are both bruised and you are left to choose the better of the bad bunches or none at all. On the contrary, you come away with a near perfect bunch of banana’s when there are so many bunches to choose from on the shelves.

I therefore ask myself why we limit our ability to generate options when we are looking to solve problems. We are too quick to judge our options and discard them even before we have the opportunity to properly assess them. Remember we humans have a tremendous ability of imagination and this is the reason why we have been able to surmount so many challenges over the centuries.

We have to fix this in our minds and never let it go, our imagination is not limited, therefore our options to solve a problem or make a decision should not be either.

Populate your shelf with bunches of options, and then go through the rational process of picking the one that best suits the needs you face.