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You can rise above it

As a young child, I discovered the water buoy and could never understand why that thing would never stay down inside the water. I would watch it rise as the water in the tank rose, I would push it underwater, but it would rise back out again.

Having learnt a few laws of physics, I understood why the buoy kept rising, it was filled with air, and its body was intact so the air would not escape. As long as it remained in that state, there was nothing that could keep it down.

The water buoy was subjected to pressure and conditions to make it sink, but as long as it kept its content intact, no amount of water could take it under.

Have you ever felt deflated about something? Whatever made you deflated is not strong enough to overcome you, and so it has to knock the wind out of you before it attempts to take you down.

The good news is that you are in charge and in control of what is within you and only you can let go if. The pressure does not have what it takes to put you under, and just like the buoy rises higher, we also are meant to rise higher when pressure comes.

Pay attention to what’s inside you that keeps you full of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy. Nurture those things because they will respond to the external forces and equip you with the impetus to always rise above it.