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The inner winner

We are all born with a unique attribute that if developed would lead us to becoming great champions in that specific area of our lives and we become a great asset to others who will benefit from our gift.

That winner is born within every child, but over the years through faulty training, we tend to squash the winner and promote the mediocre. This manifests itself in poor self esteem and an unwillingness to try anything that could be really outstanding.

The good news is that no matter how much the inner winner has been suppressed, when it becomes exposed to the slightest bit of inspiration and possibility, it begins to rise up again.

What are you doing with your inner winner? Are you cultivating it or are you making it unproductive? Believe in yourself again, count on yourself, bet on yourself. You are more than capable of handling all that has been thrown your way, so let that inner winner come alive again.