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Not perfect, only excellent

I heard a quote today which made me jump out of my seat, “Perfection is a very low standard because it is no standard, because perfection can never be reached” – Anthony Robbins.

Rather than aim for perfection, we should aim for progression. This is why being excellent trumps perfection any day. Excellence means going beyond what is considered the standard. I could exceed by an inch, or a mile, but wherever I land past what was considered the standard, I have made progress, I have excelled.

Little progressions everyday over many years leads to astounding results. The automobile of 100 years ago is a far cry from what automobiles today can do. Someone would have called it perfect then, but it wasn’t because something better was added. In the next 100 years, the automobiles then would be incomparable to what we have now because someone will find a way to make it better.

Striving for perfection can stifle us, but excellence will keep us growing and accomplishing astounding things.