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It’s ok to disagree

In the time of my childhood, we were told, “Children are meant to be seen and not heard.” We were taught not to argue or disagree with an adult as their views were right.

What was subtly passed across to us was that disagreeing was being disagreeable. This created an outlook for us which meant that it was not ok to challenge the perspective of others, especially that of an older or more experienced party.

Nothing could be further from the truth because no two individuals will agree on all things at all times. It is the nature of free will to make us take a position which is appealing to us even though it may be at odds with the choice of others. This is what makes us humans, and history has shown that whenever there were attempts to suppress the ability of people to disagree, it has always created rebellion and a group of disagreeable people.

Conversely, where the freedom has been given for people to express their views, there has been more progress and innovation in those societies. People understand that they can disagree without being disagreeable and this fosters more harmony within the community.

Do you feel free to disagree? Do you feel guilty for having an opinion that differs from others? You are entitled to your own opinion and to progress with yourself and with others you must accept that it is ok to disagree.