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Put on repeat

Have you ever had to practice for some kind of performance or the other? We do our research, practice and work to get good at the delivery. When we are done with it, there is a huge sense of relief that it is over.

One thing I find is that we are quick to forget about what we have accomplished or the process we went through and we return to our state of rest living life like it never happened. The next time we then have to deliver another performance, we work ourselves up all over again and go through the same motions and effort to try and produce that same result.

If you have delivered a speech before or had to do a presentation, having to do it again should be a lot easier than the first time. However, where we struggle is when we did not reflect on our performance the first time we did it. All the effort we put in then should not be considered as throw away work, but should be a foundation that we build all future performances on.

Don’t be too quick to abandon what you have learnt or the process you went through to deliver your best work. Always be ready to improve on it, reviewing it from time to time even when there is no avenue to use it. Practice it, hone it, think of how you could have done it better, refine it and imagine when you can deliver a new and improved version of it.

This is what really makes us good and skilful at delivering anything at our very best.