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Perfect for a moment

Our understanding of the word perfect relates to making something completely free from faults or defects, in other words, making it as good as possible. The problem with that definition is, there will always be room for improvement, so no matter how good you make a thing to be, it could still get better and so perfection will keep eluding us.

The Greeks have a word for perfect which means mature in English. When an orange tree begins to flower, I know that the fruit will follow. The tiny fruit begins to form and to grow and as long as it is in that process of maturing, it is not perfect. It’s moment of perfection comes when the orange fruit is ripe. At that point, it is mature, it is perfect, and it is meant to be eaten or juiced. It will never get any better than it should be after it matures, in fact, it begins to rot if it is kept for much longer.

From this paradigm, ‘perfect’ has a limited time or season to exist before it is gone. Perfect is meant to exist for a moment, it is meant to be consumed by those who waited for it, and then the process to attain the next point of ‘perfect’ or should I say mature, continues.

Understand the timing of maturity and how to use what maturity brings into the seasons of your life. Enjoy ‘perfect’ for its moment, and then work towards the next moment of maturity.