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Clarity on next steps

At the beginning of the lockdown period, which we were forced into due to COVID-19, there was an illusion that we had more time to get things done. As the weeks passed, our lives were soon filled with video call after video call and other activities that were birth as a result of the season we found ourselves. This meant that time, again, began to elude us, and the list of things to be done became longer than the hours we had to do them.

So, what is the best way to maximise this very precious and limited resource of time?

I find that clarity on what to do helps a lot. The advice to plan your day in advance is really key. Before you end the day, spend some moments reflecting on what you did and what you need to do next. Write it down, then when you wake up the next day, hit the ground running.

Keep your list of well thought through activities in one place and mark off what has been done, then carryover what is yet to be done. Prioritise the most important things and always do them first.

If you make this a habit, you will find that you will have clarity on what you need to do next, and are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the lack of time to get things done.