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Read then recreate

I recently revived my guitar playing skills by taking a comprehensive refresher on the foundational principles of playing the guitar. The part that still baffles me most is how one is able to read music from a sheet, and recreate a perfect song having never heard it previously.

It is not enough to have the ability to read the music, but you must also have the right context of the instruments to play that music otherwise you will not succeed in recreating what the author intended.

This all made sense to me in light of my reading several books and trying to recreate what the author had written, but having the context all wrong.
I remember when I was learning how to drive, I bought a book teaching driving, unfortunately for me, the book was written for countries that drive on the right hand side, and I was living in a country that drove on the left hand side.

If you are going to be successful in recreating what you have learnt from reading, ensure that you do enough to understand the context in which the author wrote it, and you are equipped with the right tools to recreate the new and wonderful things you have read.