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Your CV has expired!

I got an email from a job agency I am registered with titled, ‘Your CV has expired!’ My first thought on seeing this was, ‘how could my CV expire as my past experiences are still valid?’ As I read on, the email ended with this line, “Make sure your CV is up-to-date with your current skills and experience so you can put your best foot forward”.

On deeper reflection, I could see that a lot of what people have done in the past can become irrelevant for the opportunities that exist today. For instance, someone who has skills of hand drawing designs would possibly miss out on a lot of design jobs if they have not learnt the skill of computer design.
This made me ask, are my skills up to date or still valid?
Am I still learning, improving and growing as a professional?

A CV is a record of your past and possibly the present, but your desire to keep improving and seizing opportunities is probably your greatest asset to capturing the future. So, if your CV has expired, please up date you, only then will you be putting your best foot forward.