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The questioner

There are different types of people and the questions they ask reveal more about their character.

Some ask questions to make themselves look smart.
Some ask questions to make others look stupid.
Some ask questions to make the speaker feel smart.
Yet, some ask questions that causes everyone to think about what to do with the answer, these are practical questions.

A seasoned speaker has the skill to answer each one according to their questions.

With the smart, an answer that speaks to their facts is given.
With the condescending, an answer that tackles their assumptions is set out.
With the well wisher, an answer to acknowledge their graciousness is expressed.
Finally, with the thoughtful, an answer that addresses their person is shared with a sense of appreciation for making everyone leave with something that makes each one better.

What kind of questioner are you? Remember, there is no such thing as a foolish question if your motive for asking is to know so you can do.