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Not according to plan

Sometimes, life does not quite take the turns we had bargained for and it is easy to go into panic mode when we get into unfamiliar terrain.

We need to have a plan for our life like a map or a flight high above the horizon. When you look down on it, everything looks pretty and the view reveals all surfaces looking like they are level. However, when you get into the thick of things there are great obstacles on the ground that seem insurmountable.

That vision of what you have seen from your vantage point view is usually what will come true for you if you hold it in your consciousness as you navigate the sometimes painful details on the ground.

No matter how high the mountain may seem, if you have seen the other side of it on your map, then you will do all you can to conquer that mountain and get to the other side.

The next time you find yourself in the unfamiliar, take a pause and focus on your map, then redirect yourself out of the temporary troubles and back on to the way of your desired destination.