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Make it happen people

From my growing up years I always wondered, “why do I seem to notice more of the ‘bad things’ that people do?” Well, I learned that nothing just happens, someone or something has to make it happen.

The so-called troublemakers were a breed that had a special something that the goody two shoes never seemed to exhibit. They had guts! They made things happen. I guess that’s what made them more popular and not necessarily the things that they did. The bad boy would step out of the class with all swag announcing that he was going to smoke his joint just outside the window and no one could stop him. We would all look on in disbelief and almost applaud him as he turned to leave. I never heard the smartest boy in class announce with such boldness, conviction and authority that he was going to smash sorry pass his tests. Maybe that’s why I never took too much notice of who did the ‘good’ things. 

The one with guts is not afraid to try, or fail at trying. The one with guts pushes the boundaries of the norm and seeks to accomplish what has never been done. The one with guts honestly believes that they can do it no matter what the task. To the one with guts, impossible is nothing. They don’t care if the world around them says it can’t be done, they are determined to prove everyone else wrong. 

The decision to do something noble is commendable, but it’s the guts to do it that distinguishes the good (intentions) from the great (achievements). As the saying goes, “no guts, no glory”. 

I have learnt to have guts and be the one to do the next great thing. Somebody’s going to birth the next great idea, somebody’s going to eradicate a disease, somebody’s going to educate a continent, somebody’s going to raise a president, somebody’s going to start a multibillion pound business, somebody’s going to stop a conflict, somebody’s going to inspire a generation, somebody’s message is going to reach a billion people, somebody’s life is going to make a remarkable difference. Why not me? Why not me!