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Journeying from the past

Have you ever been on a journey with a friend and for some reason you missed a turn that caused your journey to be extended by a few extra hours? You don’t stop there and cry about it or relive it or blame each other for it. You try to keep moving until you get back on track and eventually get to your destination. Bad decisions can make it seem like we have wasted years of our life, yet living in regret hinders us from making the adjustment to reroute to our destination. 

“No matter how far off you’ve gone from the mark, 
There is still time to get back on track, 
Don’t waste that season analysing your past, 
But take up the reason to get to your future fast.” 

I have seen that a past – no matter how colourful or colourless it was – has no bearing on what the future could hold. I have seen men come from a past of great depravity yet end up in a place of abundance. There were people who were told that they can’t because of what they had done, yet they ended up achieving what was thought impossible. 

What we are today is a sum total of decisions that we made in the past. If I keep reliving my regrets, I am wasting time recounting decisions that did not help me, thus creating a future that will produce the same results of disappointment. However, if I take lessons from my past and focus on changing what I am doing in my present, then I am guaranteeing a future with a better outcome.