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It’s all wrapped up

Good things usually come well packaged and you have to open up the layers of the wrappers that cover them to get to the substance inside. I remember once being convinced to eat a clementine without peeling the outer cover. All I can say is that it was a very bitter-sweet experience and one that I will not be repeating again. 

You cannot use a gift to its full potential when it is wrapped up. You must get rid of all the outer coating to enjoy the essence of the actual product on the inside. 

I love the etymology (derivation of a word) of PREPARE. It is made up of two words, PRE – which means ‘before’, and PARE – which means ‘to cut off the outer coating’. Although the dictionary defines prepare as “To put in proper condition or readiness”, I do like to describe it as “Cut off the outer coating before…” So, to prepare a meal you would have to cut off the outer packaging of your ingredients before you can get it ready. 

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning and preparation go hand in hand, they seem very similar but they are not the same. I planned to travel to the USA at the beginning of the year, so I booked a flight and hotel accommodation, then packed my bags a few days before the trip, booked a taxi to get to the airport and then showed up at my terminal on the day of my departure.

The plan was to travel to the USA, but the preparation was all the other stuff I did to make it happen. 

Thoughts, ideas, opportunities, possibilities and plans all present themselves to us, encouraging us to take some kind of action with them to better our lives. There has to be some form of preparation before we can execute those things. Taking action on them without properly preparing may lead to some good results, but just like the clementine, there may be more unpleasant circumstances surrounding the outcome if we do not prepare.