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What’s needed daily?

There are just some things that you can never stock up on no matter how hard you try. For instance, have you ever tried to eat a very big meal to last you for a day? Maybe that worked, and then you decided to eat a bigger meal to last you for a week!

No matter how much you eat, you will eventually get hungry and have to eat again, usually within a day. Same goes for drinking or even sleeping.
There are just some things in life that must be done daily and routinely too.

It not only works for physical necessities, but mental and emotional capacities need daily attention too. Thinking loads of positive thoughts today does not guarantee that you will be positive tomorrow. Feeling and expressing love today, does not guarantee the same for tomorrow.

So just like with eating, we have to plan every aspect of our life to get the attention that it needs on a daily basis. Positive thinking, planning, renewing vision, loving family, learning, exercising, and such activities need to be scheduled on a daily basis.