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Mother may I?

There was a game we used to play when we were growing up. The player representing mother would stand several feet away backing the others, and the rest of the players would stand at a starting line and would be assigned a number from one upwards.
Mother would then call a random number, “Number 3, take 5 baby steps forward”. Number 3 would answer “Mother may I?” mother would respond, “Yes you may” and then the advance would begin. This was repeated several times calling random numbers and actions until someone got to mother and won the game.

It is interesting to see the confidence a child gets to advance in life based on the loving care and approval provided by a mother. That encouraging voice that believes in you, that says you can do it, you can be it, you can reach for the stars, is the sweet voice of a mother.

I am sure you would agree with this quote “A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – Marion C. Garretty.

Mother makes us feel safe, secure and settled. She creates an environment that enables us to express ourselves and explore our environment. She releases creativity, confidence and capability.

If you had a mother that nurtured you and your abilities and gave you the permission to be all that you could be, you need to express your love and gratitude to her now and always.