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Empty Shelves

Recently as I have walked through the shops there have been lots of empty shelves where once they were well stacked. As people prepare for the possibility of a lock down due to the pandemic caused by the corona virus, shop stock are flying out as fast as they are moved in.

This must be like music to the ears of the shop owners as they did not get all that stock to look pretty on the shelf, but to sell what they have on offer.
The need for these items has always been there, but demand has been measured and it took an event of this nature to tip the the intensity of demand to the point where it has made a visible difference to the appearance of the shops.

The late Myles Munroe widely known for his teachings on purpose would always say, “You have to die empty”. There is so much in your shop, there is also a demand for what you have, but have you been able to leverage the right conditions to match the abundance of your stock with the intensity of the need out there?

Understand what you have stocked up and find those to whom it would make a great difference. What you have is not meant to look pretty on your shelves, it is meant to be given away and used.