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It must come from my mind

Sometimes when we get mentally tired we try to push things that task us over the line with as minimal effort as we can spare.

I remember my undergraduate final year project. I was running out of time and had not finished the conclusions on my paper and it got to a point where I had to make a decision to hand it in incomplete or miss the deadline. I was tired and looked for the path of least resistance to copy and paste a conclusion I had not really thought about.

I knew that if I did that it could adversely affect my grade, so I took an extra day to complete my work thus missing the deadline for submission at the school’s office. The consequence of that was I would be marked as not completing and would be asked to repeat the project the following year. For some reason I found the boldness to enquire about where the external examiner marking our work was residing. I then made a trip to his accommodation and submitted copies of my work, he looked shocked but he took it.

I thought he might raise it with the school authorities that he had a late submission, but he didn’t. My work was graded and I passed. I was so relieved that my gamble paid off.

I can think of other times I gave in to my mental apathy and paid the price for it.
There are just some things that have to be processed and understood in your own mind before you agree to them. Take contracts you sign for instance, the legal wordings can be so cumbersome and the person selling will assure you that you have nothing to worry about. However, you can fall pray to a wrong deal as sometimes the sales person is just following a script and has no clue of the implications.
You must process it, and you must make the decision, it’s all on you. If there is ever a dispute that gets to a legal hearing, you will be found liable as you signed off on it.

Never let important decisions in any matter of your life bypass the process of coming from your own mind. It will save you a lot of heart ache and give you peace of mind in the days that follow.