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I am not sure why it was so popular on the play ground, but all the kids seemed to love the merry-go-round. It was not one of my favourite rides as I totally detested the nauseating feeling after being spun around for a while.

The merry-go-round can go really fast and give a real thrill of moving, but you are circling the same place with the same people doing the same thing, and if done for a long time it can make you sick literally.

So, what part of your life is on the merry-go-round? Have you noticed that you are doing the same thing, with the same people, not making any progress? The situation makes you sick, but you put up a merry act so as not to offend your crew and you keep going around.

At some point, you need to make a decision and walk off. You have to find the thing that will give you true meaning and progress in life. Who knows, you may just inspire your crew to do the same. Don’t get stuck on a merry-go-round, there is too much possibility out there that needs you to make it happen.