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Dig deep

It seems there are not too many precious things that lie on the surface in plain sight. Think about it, precious metals and precious stones are found deep in the earth. The black gold which powers most of our world is also found deep in the earth.

In order to get food, we need to dig to get the seed into the ground before it gives us a harvest. The trees or plants with deeper roots last longer and give us more valuable crop than those with shallow roots.
Even with seafood, the good stuff is not really hanging around the surface, but are at depths that require effort to be brought out.

What about you? There is much more value inside of you than meets the eye and it can only come out if you will dig. Dig deep in your thinking, dig deep in your efforts, dig deep with your performance, dig deep in your relationships, dig deep in places where it seems like you have come up against a block, keep going just a little bit longer as you will soon hit a vast reservoir of untapped ability.