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The happy place

Have you ever made a big move and changed location, job, relationship or something major because it did not make you happy? Only to arrive at the new thing and within a few days, weeks or months it seemed like you were right back where you left, still in need of finding the happy place.

I am not sure that the happy place is an actual physical space for no matter how many times I have moved, it ended up feeling like where I was coming from.

The happy place I find is more of a positive state. Yes, a state of mind that you must take with you to make every space a happy place.

Many years ago, I felt trapped in a job and with so many bills that I could not see a way out. Through the advice of a friend, I went on a training course which expanded my thinking to new possibilities. I saw something in my mind that looked like where I wanted to be. I went back home with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, although nothing in my physical space changed, I was in a happy place for months before I eventually got hired to a new job.

If only I had realised earlier that a change in my state of mind would change my place in life, I would have spent more time in the happy place.