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Just have fun

Too much of everything is bad they say, and all things should be in moderation. So, let’s take a break from the seriousness of life and have some fun in whatever we do.

Children are taught through loads of activities that they find to be fun as it engages their minds, personalities, attention and actions thus causing them grow in knowledge.

I had a student on one of my courses say, “I was the most efficient worker on the team but when it was time to get rid of people I was the first one out.” In retrospect he said, “I think it is because I never engaged in any of the social events during or after work so the team never got to really know me.”

Can you think of any areas of your life that are suffering because you are too serious? Maybe it’s a relationship with your children or spouse. Maybe it’s a project and the team is disenfranchised. 

What can you do to make if fun for everyone involved? Something to laugh about, something to cheer, something to play. You will be surprised at the renewed energy, initiative and productivity that will be released by just having fun.