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What is wrong with you?

Did you know that the majority of our conversations with others will not flow intelligibly without an abundance of questions? Think about it, when you meet someone I bet you say, ‘how are you?’, or to a colleague, ‘do you have a minute?’ and it goes on and on. More importantly, the way we reason within ourselves is largely a set of questions that we ask. 

You can try to have a conversation with family or friend and skip asking any questions. If you are able to carry on successfully, after a while they are bound to ask, ‘what is wrong with you?’

Psychologists understand the power of questions. They say a question stays in the mind and lingers until it gets an answer. In other words, your mind can be hacked by the questions that are thrown at it.
The power of questions play into the two types of dispositions a person can have – a negative one or a positive one.  

Notice whenever you feel depressed you are asking questions like ‘what is wrong with me?’, ‘why can’t I do it?’, ‘why me?’, ‘when will this end?’. All these are questions that experts say belong to a victim mindset.

So how does one break out of that mindset? Well it starts by asking questions that counteract negative ones. If things go wrong, ask, ‘what can I learn from this?’, ‘how can I be ready for the next opportunity?’, ‘what are the practical steps I should take to resolve this?’, ‘who can I talk to that has overcome this?’. You can also give positive answers to any negative questions, so when the thought ‘what is wrong with you?’ comes up, you should answer promptly, ‘absolutely nothing!’ 

Take a hold of your mindset and challenge the questions that have been silently sabotaging you.