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From the ground up

The expression, ‘building from the ground up’, connotes starting from scratch, starting with ‘nothing’ or starting at a foundational level. No one would argue with the wisdom of this saying.

Thinking about it on a deeper level, most things, if not everything we build seems to come from the ground. 

To build your muscles, you need the right food to eat which comes from plants which are grown from the ground, so the muscle builder technically built muscles from the ground up.
The same would apply to the goldsmith. I haven’t yet heard of gold that fell from the sky, it is mostly found somewhere on or in the ground. So the jewellers built from the ground up.
Think about most modern day appliances and what they are made of, plastics, glass microchips etc. all these materials come from the ground.

There are new opportunities being created regularly by people who have discovered something new that came from the ground. The thing is, they take what looks like nothing and create value out of it. They take it out of the ground – a hidden place, and build it up – a process of adding value and showcasing it in a prominent place. 

Whenever you are about to initiate your next project, whatever it is, go back to the basics, the foundations or the proverbial ground – whether figuratively or literally – and take the ideas, the materials or whatever you find there, add value to them and present them to your audiences. You will find great success comes when you build from the ground up.