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The work of an expert

In these days of abundance of information and self-help everything, we sometimes forget that there is a reason why certain providers of service are good at what they do. I am sure you have caught yourself checking up some health websites just before going to see your doctor, or even while you are at their practice.

My sons iPad screen recently got broken and my wife and I decided we would not spend a dime with a repair shop to fix it because we found the material to replace the screen on Amazon, and a detailed self help video on YouTube. I attempted to replace the screen and it must have taken me about a quarter of a day trying out what I saw in the video but I got no where with it. I abandoned the project and the device sat on my shelf for about 3 months. I then picked it up again over the Christmas holiday after much persuasion from my wife and son. Again it took me a few hours but this time I managed to get it done!
It looked perfect and as I snapped the last piece into place I heard a small crack, I had broken the new screen in the very bottom corner, luckily it wasn’t too bad and everything else worked perfectly.

The amount of time it took me to finally get the work done made me think if we were actually being penny wise and pound foolish. The expert would have taken a day to do it perfectly and I would have got at least a few months of a guarantee on the work they had done.

The reality of life is that one cannot be a jack of all trades as they would end up being a master of none. So the next time you are tempted to do something yourself, take a step back and think if it might be better to get the work of an expert.