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The income that truly pays

So at the end of the day, week, month or completion of a specific job, we usually get an income. That income is based on what we have done and as a result we get paid.

Income enables us to facilitate several activities in our lives. Usually the better the income, then the better the outlook and outcome of what we can do.

A study was carried out on several lottery winners that won millions. The statistics showed that majority of them were back to the exact state in life they were before their huge winnings. One of the conclusions was that their mindset never shifted to a higher level that could handle their new situation.

The mindset changes or improves by consciously allowing new information in, better thinking than we currently possess. It takes a lot of work to discipline self and acquire more knowledge. This type of hard work yields what I call the income of the mind.

You can only grow as much as you allow your mind and expectations to grow. As you grow, you will be able to handle more, and command more.

A university graduate will naturally command a higher starting salary than a high school graduate. Yet there are cases of high school leavers who ended up building multimillion dollar companies because they kept on improving their mindset, while some of the university crew stopped growing.

Don’t be limited by where you are or what you know now. Roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself to improve because the income of your mind will determine the outcome of your life.