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Go to the book house

It is a cultural and very traditional thing in the United Kingdom to make regular visits to the pub with family, friends or work colleagues.
The word pub is actually a short form for ‘Public House’. 

The origin of the public house goes back many centuries and its original purpose was to provide refreshments for travellers. Drinks such as ales were served and the pub soon became a meeting point for communities such that in his 17th-century diary Samuel Pepys described it as “the heart of England”.
The Pub has been a place to meet the human need for food, drink, community and all types of relationship for centuries.

There is another deep need which we have and that is for knowledge. As travellers through life we thankfully have a house that has been set up for us to turn into when we get weary from the ignorance on our way. We get refreshment from the information served, knowledge shared and the ideas entertained. 

The book house or Library is ubiquitous and you can access it physically at a building, or electronically through devices like your computer or mobile phone. Never has the human race had such unfettered access to information.

Make use of your nearest book house today and let it be known as the very heart of your productive centre.