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Don’t loose track

They say that Rome was not built in a day. Like with all other great achievements, progress comes in little consistent doses over a long period of time.

Railway tracks were invented long before the locomotive engines and modern trains.
These tracks were used to transport really heavy goods from one specific location to another in an uninterrupted and efficient way.
As long as the goods stayed on track, they would get to their destination.
Tracks would connect the raw material to the processing plants, like was done at mines.
They also connected cities to move people and commodities between them.
Once tracks were laid, they were as good as permanent for obvious reasons like the sheer length of them which could have been thousands of kilometres. It was a well thought out plan to build a track and not something that the constructors ever thought of changing in a hurry. 

Consider the delivery of your goals and plans in terms of the railway track. There is a defined place you want to get to and there are tracks to get you there. Those tracks are not likely to change any time soon. Tracks like honesty, integrity, hard work, acquiring knowledge, service, getting a mentor, discipline etc. 

As long as you don’t loose track and keep moving, you are likely to get to your destination sooner than you think.