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New experiences

New experiences have a way of changing our thinking, understanding and possibly belief which leads to a change of the seasons in our lives.  
These experiences may come through travel, meeting people, trying new things or reading.

I learnt a new way of representing myself in a CV after going on a training course. I ended up with a really good one that was able to sell my skills to employers. This got me a really good job at the time and a significant salary increase. 

The funny thing was that before my training, I had paid a company what was a lot of money for me at the time to write me a ‘winning’ CV as advertised. The only thing it won was a space in my outbox. 

Sometimes money can’t buy you what experiences can teach you.

If you feel stuck, get out of your familiar zone and go look for new experiences. You may just be an experience away from the greatest adventure in your life.