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Thank God It’s Friday! TGIF has been made famous all over the world, and why not? I mean who doesn’t look forward to Friday?
It’s the start of the weekend, pay day is usually on a Friday, in some places it is a dress down day or a work from home day.
Black Friday which happens once a year is also another great reason to love this day for the stupendous deals one can get.
The mood always seems to be optimistic on a Friday as opposed to say a Monday.

Different people have different motivations for their liking of Friday. For some it is a time to get away from work they do not particularly enjoy, for others it is time to rest from a busy week and spend time with family, others are looking forward to the partying or putting in time on a side hustle. 

Whatever the reason, we have a need for anticipation to keep us going. Our ability to anticipate a day, an event or even a meal keep us motivated to get through some exceptionally difficult seasons.
It is great to have something to look forward to, so when next Friday comes around, do get excited and take the time to focus on those things that you anticipate that will help you through a tough day.