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Sesame Street

Ok, so who doesn’t know the famous Sesame Street?

If you didn’t watch it for all the quirky puppets like Oscar, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo and more, then you surely would have tuned in to catch one of the big stars featuring on the show like Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, David Beckham, One Direction and the list goes on. 

This TV programme was very good at doing one thing – focusing on a word, letter and number for the day.

They would sing it, talk about it, act it out, spell it and whatever else they could do so that the viewer would surely leave with that word ingrained in their mind. It has been so many years since I watched it as a child but I still remember the words I learnt on Sesame Street.

What if I could live my life like Sesame Street, focusing on imbibing one value, character, attitude or goal for a period of time until everything within me and everyone around recognised I had adopted that virtue as my own.

When the grouch in me shows up, I would point to that value, when the greed comes out, I would teach it that character, when the fear awakens, I would act out that attitude, and when the carefree whistled along, I would sing that goal.

I think I will go back to Sesame Street, how about you?