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What helped the habit of The Creator?

The ability to stick with doing the same thing at the same time daily, weekly, monthly or yearly seems to be the simplest thing to do, yet one of the extremely difficult disciplines with which most will struggle.
Keeping that consistency is a mental muscle that needs to be developed. 

A routine is sometimes mistaken for a habit but it is much more than a habit.
A habit when developed causes you to subconsciously do the same type of thing when prompted. 
A routine however is like the prompt that triggers your habits to kick in. 
A habit is ability that has been honed to produce a result but a routine creates for you the space and time to produce that result.

So, what is the habit of a creator? well, as the name suggests I believe the habit is to create. In the story of Genesis also known as the story of creation, we see The Creator exercise the habit of creating in the morning and in the evening. This is done everyday until the creation set is complete.

If the all powerful creator had this routine, then I suggest you need to find that routine which will profit your habit.