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There is a lot of talk these days about preserving our natural environment and it almost seems like we should just let the earth be so that it does its own thing. Leaving vegetation uncultivated for instance, is almost synonymous to allowing it to be natural.

When you take a closer look at the way our world is designed, you will find that the things that are most useful to us are meant to be cultivated. Cultivation does not mean making it unnatural, it does mean tending to a thing so it has the greatest possibility of yielding its best.

Our habits can also be likened to seeds, and the ones most useful to us have to be cultivated. If we do nothing, our uncultivated ground will run wild producing bad habits which takeover our lives. Cultivation not only keeps the good, but it also roots out the bad.

Let’s not confuse things being natural as them being uncultivated. We must have a mindset of cultivation for everything around us. Cultivate your habits, your relationships, your children, your skills, your business, your career and so on. The best things don’t just happen, they must be cultivated.