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While growing up, I used to play a board game called Ludo and one of the rules was that you needed to get a six when you rolled the dice in order to move from the start position. Any number lower than six could not get you going. Once you rolled a six, then you could start moving and any other number would then count.

I remember there were games where a six just wouldn’t fall for me and I would be stuck on start while every other player moved around the board. It is indeed quite frustrating to see other people making progress while you seem to be on the same spot.

The good news though is that in real life we don’t have to wait for luck from the roll of the dice to determine when we move and how far we go. Everyone is gifted with just one move at every point in time, and we all get to make that move, not in turns, but when we choose. We all have the same 24 hours in our day, so what do you do with yours?

Our perfect six is our ability to make a decision to move. So, are you planning? Are you connecting? Are you strategizing? Are you preparing? Above all, are you moving? Even though the board game requires luck, the winner was always the one that was the mover. There is no reason to be stuck on start, because all that is required to move is somewhere within your control. If you don’t know how, be rest assured of this, asking for help is a great move.